Who We Are

Who We Are

FT will help use its expertise in franchise development by evaluating a potential client’s needs, and then planning a strategic launch specific to meeting those needs. FT will start with a detailed and frank analysis of a new concept to assess whether or not that concept can be franchised. Furthermore, FT can help with a client’s franchise sales whether in restructuring an existing sales system or if the franchise sales are outsourced entirely to the FT team.

FT takes an unbiased approach to truly helping someone on the path to franchising a business, and further helping companies develop their brands throughout the world. FT researches the concepts and the companies it takes on as clients, holding a low acceptance rate and high adherence to its own mission and values, thereby making FT and their clients the best in their class.

The company is led by Founder and CEO, Mark C. Johnson, a 20+ year franchise veteran who played an instrumental role in growing 2 national franchises valued at over $1B, having served as both a corporate officer and member of the operating committee. Mr. Johnson was responsible for implementing the model for Area Development at Liberty Tax Service, most notably bringing in over $120 million dollars in revenue for the company over the past ten years. In fact, many in the industry have touted the Area Development program at Liberty Tax Service as the model of success for emerging franchises considering Area Development as a growth strategy.




1.   Integrity above all else
2.   Be accountable and show respect
3.   Monitor results, not activities
4.   Focus on solutions, not excuses
5.   Communication, communication, communication
6.   You are responsible for your own attitude
7.   Be a servant-leader
8.   Follow, lead, or get out of the way!
9.   Don’t take yourself too seriously – no one else will!
10.   Work hard, play harder
11.   Build dreams, change lives