FT! Services


There are 3 phases in our franchise development process. As stated previously, each concept is unique and may require one or all of the phases.

  1. Assessment
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Launch of Concept
Assessment Strategic Planning Launch of Concept
  • Is this concept viable?
  • Concept Niche
  • Leadership
  • Story behind the brand
  • Existing Franchise Base
  • Unit Economics
  • Current Marketing Strategies
  • End Game
  • Guide you through the 18 Steps to Franchise Your Concept
  • Unit Growth Position
  • Does an Area Development /Area Representative program fit your model?
  • Internal Operations Assessment
  • Franchise Development Sales System reviewed and restructured
  • Unit Sales Campaign
  • Area Development Campaign
  • Internal Franchise Sales
  • Outsource of sales
Is franchising the right business model for growth? Area Development, AR & Master Franchise Review Sales System Implementation

Fees will be based largely on specific needs of the company and particular development stage that the company exits. Because the franchise development process is different for each concept, our service fees range anywhere from $5,000 to $75,000.

Further, if Franchise This! is selected to handle the outsource of single unit and/or Area Development sales for a franchise, there will be payments of stipulated commissions earned for franchise sales.